City 2047: Fear or Inspiration

At Humanity, we prefer to envision the future through a positive and inspirational lens.

City 2047: Fear or Inspiration

The approach of Humanity in envisioning the future is indeed commendable. By focusing on positive and inspirational visions, rather than fear-based narratives, you are choosing to highlight the potential and promise of the future, rather than its perils. This strategy is especially significant in the context of climate action.

In the realm of environmental awareness and action, the use of fear as a motivator has often been a double-edged sword. While it can bring immediate attention to the dire consequences of inaction, it can also lead to feelings of hopelessness and apathy. In contrast, presenting positive visions of the future can inspire and empower individuals and communities. It suggests that sustainable and desirable futures are attainable and worth striving for.

Hence, we've developed a visual tool named City 2047.

By visiting, you can select any city globally and explore potential scenarios for the year 2047. We present two visions: one depicts the consequences of neglect and fear, while the other illustrates a city transformed by clean, renewable energy.

We firmly believe that images of inspiration are far more effective in motivating long-term action than those of fear.

If you find your city not listed you can email [email protected] with the city and country in the subject and we will add it to the tool.

Please let us know if you are motivated by fear or inspiration.

Below are a few of the cities of city2047.

New York City, USA

London, UK

Dubai, UAE

Toyko, Japan

Paris, France

Check out to find your city.